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You look for a curriculum nurse who marks the difference in your next interview of work? You have to prepare your CB and you don't know by where beginning? You are of luck because we have created the model of curriculum vitae definitive nurse. It continues reading because what you are going to find next is going to you to enchant.   

curriculum nurse
curriculum vitae nurse

You must know it: or you emphasize or your curriculum vitae nurse will be recycling


  • We bring a curriculum model to you nurse highly optimized to overcome the barrier of the 6 seconds and your CB is not discarded to first of change.
  • A curriculum vitae nurse designed by experts in selection processes so that passes at the following level and you can always emphasize.
  • You do not leave a bad election at the time of creating your curriculum ruins the illusion that you have in that job as nurse.

A curriculum nurse superior thanks to our model

100% editable digitalis and

It unloads your model and it changes what you need with a simple click.

Optimized content

Thought so that your candidacy marks the difference against the rest.

A professional design

Elegant and present group especially created job offers of infirmary.

curriculum nurse
Valuation 5/5 in Etsy

3 combinations

Model of 1, 2 and 3 pages so that you combine the different elements.

Letter of presentation

Letter of presentation nurse to game and totally optimized.


Professional advice to complete your curriculum of helping much more of infirmary and.

In case you have some doubt…

We have created a spectacular model of curriculum nurse following the basic rules that this type of curriculum must fulfill. For it, we have identified the fundamental principles that a curriculum vitae for nurse must follow and have made our model following these principles. The result is a curriculum model that is going to mark the difference causing that your candidacy always emphasizes. If you really go to by all, you are in the suitable site

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A curriculum of helping of winning infirmary chooses

You are before a unique opportunity to give an impulse to your professional race. The only thing that to have to do is to unload our model of infirmary curriculum vitae and to complete following it the instructions. To what you are hoping to really prevail?

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  • You will have the possibility of unloading your group as soon as you are decided to buy it. Totally digital product.
  • Auxiliary model of curriculum vitae of PC-compatible infirmary and Mac.
  • Group of 1, 2 and 3 pages including in the pack so that you can choose between the different elements and combine them according to your needs.
  • Group of curriculum vitae editable professional nurse and 100% compatible one with Microsoft Word so that you change everything what you need with a simple click.
  • A spectacular and elegant design created by expert grafistas in selection processes.
  • Great amount of advice so that you can complete each one of the sections successfully.
  • Letter of presentation nurse including in the pack so that you do not need anything.
  • Tutorial so that nothing at the time of creating your curriculum escapes to you nurse.

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Decide you by our model of infirmary curriculum vitae and invest in you.

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“It trusts our model curriculum nurse and happens to the following level.”

How to obtain to your curriculum nurse?

Step 1

It is the moment for unloading your group curriculum nurse

You do not think it more and unloads our spectacular pack. You will accede directly to EVERYTHING what we have created for you. 

Step 1

Step 2

It begins by the guide of instructions

Once bought the pack, you will receive an email so that unloadings all the documents. 

Step 2

Step 3

You do not forget to install the sources

It installs the sources in Word so that your model is perfect and you can begin to create.

Step 3

Step 4

It completes your group

It is the moment for beginning to create your CB. You do not forget to follow the advice and also completes the presentation letter nurse including in the pack. 

Step 4

Step 5

It keeps your CB and to by all

You do not forget to keep your CB and to send it with confidence (preferably in pdf) to prevail in your process.  

Step 5

Keys to know how how to make a curriculum vitae of infirmary winning

1. What you must consider to the hour to know how to realise a nurse curriculum vitae.

In the first place and before nothing, is fundamental that you have something rather clearly: he is not recommendable to use a model of general curriculum for all type of candidacies. 

It is for that reason that, if you want to be successful, you will have to take pains in using a model of suitable curriculum very considering the characteristics of the position to which you appear. 

Shelp this, we go to by a series of basic elements at the time of completing your curriculum vitae nurse that are going to always help you.

Information of contact and personal data in your curriculum of helping of infirmary.

It includes your personal data and information of contact at the beginning of your curriculum. He is advisable that years, at least, your complete name, your phone number, your e-mail, your place and date of birth as well as your place of present residence.

It can be interesting in this section to add some profile of social networks. However, this you only must do it as long as one is a social network in that you show an impeccable profile and it cannot harm to you. Linkedin would be a perfect example (as long as your profile is updated).

It includes a professional photo. A trimmed photo of Facebook does not go to help you much. So a good professional photo chooses that it has the bottom in target preferably. If you want to prevail, you must take care of face details from the first moment. All account! 

The importance of the title in your model of infirmary curriculum vitae.

For the professional title in your curriculum the nurse (the title right under your name), most recommendable it would be to use the same title of the job offer (as long as your profile fits by all means with this title).

In order to include an attractive professional title, forget to you majorities. Instead of a simple “Nurse” Experience in hospitalization uses for example “Senior Nurse -”. For it, they always ten in account the title of the supply at issue.

You have thought about including a professional summary at the beginning of your curriculum nurse?

The professional summary consists of adding to a paragraph at the beginning of your curriculum nurse with the main objective to attract the attention of the employer from the first moment

This element, extremely effective, usually is forgotten in the majority of the curricula. This would not have to happen to you since an suitable professional summary at the beginning, is the guarantee so that the person in charge of the selection process pays attention to you. 

It always emphasizes in this section your professional profile as well as your main abilities, considering the supply for which you send your candidacy. It mentions in addition to brief way your motivations and languages as long as they are excellent for the position.

An example for your curriculum vitae of infirmary could be:

“Professional enthusiastic by the help to the patient with great capacity of learning and dedication. More than 2 years of experience in hospitalization and taken care of palliative. Resistant to stress and with high comunicativas and empathic dowries. Immediate availability for a new challenge in which to show all abilities and knowledge”.

It trusts us. Those 3 lines can change it everything.

Keys of the professional experience.

Most important of this section it is that you indicate how your experience is aligned with the position for which you send your candidacy. The best form to make emphasize your experience is by means of the use of short paragraphs and emblems.

In each of these sections you will have the possibility of mentioning your professional experience, contributing to examples of your profits and secured objectives

This point is fundamental. One is not to simply make a description of your tasks and obligations. It emphasizes your fulfilled profits as well as all the objectives. It is the moment for removing to shine the abilities of a nurse.  

A good formula is tries to respond to the following question: how you contributed to the success of the institution for which you worked?

For it, he is interesting that you use key words and verbs of actionIn case you do not know it very clearly, most of keywords you will obtain them in the own supply of use.    

  • Some examples of words to use could be: to obtain, to generate, to manage, to increase, to try, to resolve, to implement, etc.

Here we left a pair you of example at the time of completing the section on professional experience. 

“Successful management of a team of 10 nurses in whom I participated in the design and the implementation of a formation that considerably improved the turns of guard and the coexistence between the people position.”

“Knowledge and total adhesion to the deontological code. Person in charge of the area of palliative cares during last the 6 months with a high percentage of satisfactory activities, having contributed to save 5 patients in critical situation.”

Section of education.

In a curriculum for a position as nurse, the education as well as the practical ones are fundamental. So you do not forget to include in the education section all academic titles as well as the practices that you have been able to realise.

On the other hand, in case you include some additional section in your curriculum nurse, the practices could comprise of this independent section. 

In case you do not have professional experience or your experience is very limited, you can be useful to add the practices in the area of professional experience. 

If you are in the situation to have to elaborate a curriculum vitae of infirmary without experience, next we left some basic advice you who we are safe are going to be able to help you:

And it is that if you have little experience, your abilities are going to mark the difference at the time of securing that job that as much you wish

It is fundamental in any candidacy that mentions your abilities and, in case of counting on little experience, still more. Center you in your main abilities putting them in relation to the job for which you send your candidacy.

It emphasizes your technical and practical abilities as, for example, your knowledge of the medication and the different hospitable equipment, your capacity to work in conditions of stress, etc.

You do not forget your personal characteristics, emphasizing positive qualities of your form to be that they can contribute value to your candidacy. 

Since we have mentioned previously, if you do not have practically experience, would be interesting that the practices happened to comprise of the section “professional experience”. 

In this case, it mentions clearly that one is a practice and it follows you rule previous referring to the section of professional experience to complete this section.  

Abilities and competitions.

As we have mentioned previously, your abilities and competitions must be incorporated in the different sections from the curriculum. More concretely, the section of professional experience is the ideal place

Nevertheless, you must consider the possibility of creating a section differentiated in that you can talk about to these abilities and competitions of clear way and needs.  

Center you in excellent abilities and competitions for the position. Again, it turns out in this interesting section to pay attention to description of the supply since the employer usually mentions what competitions must have the ideal candidate.

Abilities to emphasize in the scope of the infirmary would be:

  •  Compassion, ethics of work, emotional intelligence, capacity of adaptation, resistance to stress, retail attention, etc.

The additional sections.

At the time of creating a curriculum for nurse he is in addition interesting who years an additional section in which to be able to refer you to some of the following elements according to your circumstances:

It mentions courses and certificates that directly are related to the job. 

You can emphasize some academic profit of great importance, an obtained scholarship, as well as a especially remarkable aspect of a previous job. 

Another good site so that you make reference to the practices can be an additional section. 

2. Final advice at the time of completing your curriculum nurse.

He comes that already almost we are:).

Since we have mentioned previously, center you in your the profits, not only in the responsibilities.

And he is that this point we did not get tired to repeat it. We have tendency to center us in the obligations and responsibilities, forgetting to us the profits. Ours mantra:


He trusts which knows.

He is really complicated to have to be pending of so many aspects. We know it.

He is for that reason that we have thought about everything and we bring the solution to you that you need: a model of curriculum totally adapted and conceived for your candidacy as nurse.

You will not have to worry to you don't mention it more. Simply it unloads the pack curriculum nurse and ten the security to be making the things good from the first moment.

A thing is safe. The decision to go to by all in the following process of selection is in your hands 🙂

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This is what they say of us

Valuation 5/5 in Etsy

This group is simply perfect! The instructions were very clear and we received it quickly everything. One of my students used it to create its first curriculum. I bought a group of simple design that I liked much. The final result is brilliant, very refining! Thank you very much to create the perfect group!

Susan Casey

(Commentary translated and coming from our Etsy store)

The group has enchanted me. The design is brilliant and is very intuitive and easy to complete. Thanks!

Pablo Reja

FAQ (Preguntas Frecuentes)

Once you have realised the payment, you will receive an email of confirmation with a link. Beam click in that link to unload your curriculum vitae auxiliary of infirmary in Word format as well as all the documents. Ten in account that is a product 100% digitalis and that you will not receive any physical product.

Once unloaded the pack, you will need to extract documents with a program as winzip or to winrar. If you have some doubt or difficulty when extracting the documents, you do not doubt in consulting to us. In case you do not want to use any of these programs, contact to us and we will send documents directly to you.

With our pack, you are going to receive everything what you need so that your process of selection is a success. Once you have unloaded the curriculum pack nurse and extracted documents, you will have access to a guide of instructions who will explain to you how to complete your curriculum (“STEP 1”).

In addition, you will receive a file with all the sources to be installed in Word and that your group curriculum has a perfect aspect (“STEP 2”). The only thing that you must do is to install the sources as it is indicated in the guide.

In the folder “STEP 3” you will have access to the groups of curriculum vitae nurse in Word format. You do not doubt in consulting the different models from 1, 2 and 3 pages to have a global vision envelope how to make your curriculum.

And in case this outside little, we have designed a letter of presentation nurse totally optimized along with a page of references for those cases in which it is necessary. In order to finish, you will also find a file with hundreds of modifiable icons (“BONUS”). In order to know how how to publish the icons, here we left you explanatory video.

STEP 1 begins by the folder “– Instructions”. There you will find a guide of instructions in pdf with all the necessary information. If you have difficulties at the time of opening the pdf, it tries unloading it marinates to reader. In addition to the guide, we have elaborated a series of videos in that you will be able to find excellent information.  

It opens to the folder “STEP later 2 – Sources”. You must install the sources so that your group works correctly. In the following one video we explained passage to you by step how to do it.

The following step consists of opening to the folder “STEP 3 – Groups”. Here you will find the different models from 1, 2 and 3 pages. Even though to make a curriculum of 3 pages he is not very recommendable, we advised to open to the 3 examples of curriculum nurse to you to have access to all the advice. You will be able to combine elements of each page for a spectacular result.

It completes each one of the sections and once you have finished the model, keep it in Word format. Later conviértelo in pdf since this it is the format that you would have to always use at the time of sending your curriculum vitae nurse.

By all means! You can publish the group completely. You can modify the titles, the colors, the photo, etc. You can in addition move the sections and change the different areas. In case you make a change nonwished, simply you do click in undoing or Ctrl + Z and will return back.  

You will find all the information in the following tutorial. In him we explained to you how to do so that the photo is perfect totally. Just in case, it remembers to use a professional photo (nothing to use the photo of the graduation). 

If you have doubts at the time of inserting your photo in the group, 🙂 throws a look to the following video 

You will be able to publish any aspect of your flaming model of curriculum vitae of infirmary being used Microsoft Word. You do not forget that you will need adobe to reader for being able to accede to the complete guide of instructions.

In the majority of the cases, a curriculum vitae ideal would not have to surpass the 2 pages. It is for that reason that we recommended that your curriculum of helping of final infirmary has 1 at the most or 2 pages.

Nevertheless, we recommended to you that you analyze the 3 models since we have introduced advice who will be to you very useful at the time of being completing your curriculum of infirmary. 

In addition, you could be combining the different elements that agree to you more having upon account your profile and the position for which you are sending your candidacy.

Yes 🙂

We have completed each section with information of high quality so that you know how to make your curriculum vitae nurse.

If you have difficulties at the time of opening the archives, it returns to unload the pack and it follows the steps to extract all the documents with the recommended programs.

If even so it follows without working, this can be due to that you have an old version of Microsoft Word. Protected writes to [email to us] explaining the difficulties that you are undergoing as well as the version of Microsoft Word which you are using.

We will respond to you as rapidly as possible so that everything goes perfect.

It verifies your folder of Spam or mail nonwished. If you use Gmail, it also verifies the eyelashes Social and Promotions. If you do not see it, protected adds [email] to your address book or safe list.

If you continue having difficulties, write us to that same email and we will put ourselves in touch with you to help to solve any problem you that you have.

In case the nurse curriculum vitae is not what you are looking for, throws a look to the spectacular groups of curriculum that we have created for you.

If you want to accede directly to all the models, you only must click here

Finally, if you need a model in another language, you can see the groups that we have created in English here

Your curriculum you are. You must think about this document as if your own personal brand one was. And of a thing you can be [email protected]: our model of curriculum nurse is designed and conceived so that your personal brand emphasizes over your competitors.

Ten in account that within this competition many factors will enter game that will cause that the balance is poured off to your favor or no. Will be situations in which you secure your goals and others in which is not possible, but the learning always will be there with you.

Than we are convinced is that the effort, the certainty and the good work ALWAYS done have their reward. He is something that we have verified personally time and time again.

If to this certainty and work you add the experience to him of a great centered equipment in which I reach your professional goals, the success will finish arriving sooner or later.

We hope that now yes you know it clearly

Ponte into the hands of that they know and prevails with our model over curriculum nurse

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curriculum nurse

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