Examples of curriculum by sectors

A look throws because we have created examples of curriculum vitae by very specific professional sectors.  You need a curriculum for waiter? You are looking for something more concrete for a position as nurse? You are professor and you don't know by where beginning? You have found your site. The curriculum example chooses that agrees to you more because what there are preparation is going to take you to the following level. You look for a model of more general curriculum? You do not worry, also we have it here for you.

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Examples of curriculum vitae so that you prevail

Totally editable examples of CB

Examples of curriculum vitae in Word so that you change everything.

Optimized content

Conceived by experts in selection processes.

Designs that mark

Spectacular original designs that you will not find in other sites.

curriculum vitae basic
Valuation 5/5 in Etsy

Groups of 1, 2 or 3 pages in each pack

Models of 1, 2 or 3 pages so that you can combine everything.

Letter of presentation

Letter of presentation totally optimized including always.

And much more…

Professional advice, editable icons, tutorial video, etc.

In case you did not know it, you have 6 seconds to demonstrate what bonds


  • We have created examples of curriculum vitae highly optimized to overcome this barrier of 6 seconds.
  • Some examples of curriculum vitae designed by experts who will take you to the following level causing that your profile emphasizes in each process of selection.
  • You are going to leave a bad election at the time of creating your curriculum ruins the possibility of securing that job?
  • A thing is safe: the first examples of CB that you find by Internet are not going to be able to help you much.

You look for examples of curriculum for a specific sector?

As you can see, we have created examples of curriculum vitae especially conceived for specific professional sectors. She stops, we have studied and had in account the particular needs of each area.

If you are looking for example a curriculum for waiter, a curriculum vitae of nurse or a specific curriculum for professor, this it is your site.

If you look for a competitive advantage in some of these areas, we are more than safe than you will obtain it. We have investigated the needs of each of these sectors to be able to offer a total optimization to you.

In this sense, you can have the tranquillity of which you will count on an example of curriculum totally adapted so that your profile emphasizes in your process of selection.

In addition, we are continuously identifying new areas in which to develop to curriculum groups top. Reason why if you have some suggestion, we will be enchanted of which you let it to us know. 

You are looking for examples of a curriculum in other professional areas

You do not have given than to worry to you. We have created curriculum examples for practically any circumstance. You only must do click in the following button in order to see the impressive models of curriculum vitae that we have ready for you. 

If you even need on the contrary another type groups or a curriculum in another language, we have exactly what you look for. 

“It chooses an example of curriculum vitae and sends you to by that since as much you wish.”

Curriculum waiter

Elegant and precise, apt for all type of candidacies.

  • The curriculum vitae for waiter is a model that you will be able to use in numerous occasions. It emphasizes by its optimized extreme content that will facilitate the revision of the employer. 
  • Account with the fundamental sections that all CB of quality waiter must include, which have been adapted so that you emphasize on your competitors. 
  • This model will allow you to show of precise way how your professional experience and your personal abilities can fit with the wished job offer.  
  • One treats in addition to a curriculum vitae original and creative that, still leaving protagonism to the content, also emphasizes by its care design.
  • You will be able to choose between the 2 groups that we have created, which come accompanied from a presentation letter
curriculum waiter

Curriculum professor/professor

curriculum professor

A specific curriculum for the sector of education.

  • We have created a model of curriculum vitae especially conceived for the sector of education. These looking for a curriculum for professor/professor? We have the good news for you.
  • Our examples of curriculum vitae especially are conceived for professors, which will allow to tell you on an important competitive advantage
  • For it, we have considered the very needs in the sector of the education, investigating very close by how creating a winning model that fulfills all the expectations.
  • If what you look for it is a speed for your candidacy in the sector of education you can have the tranquillity from which you will obtain it. 
  • The group that we have created comes in addition accompanied to a letter of presentation to game and optimized. 

Curriculum nurse

And to top it all, we also counted on a model for nurses.

  • If what you look for is a curriculum vitae for nurse, you are of congratulations because you are going to find a group model curriculum totally optimized for this professional sector.
  • We have conceived an example of very polished and elegant curriculum, which leaves all the protagonism to the content without forgetting the design by all means.
  • You are before a model that will allow you to show way needs all competitions, increasing the probabilities that the one in charge of the selection process pays attention to your profile.
  • Give an opportunity to this model totally optimized so that your profile always emphasizes.  
  • Once again, you will have to your disposition a spectacular letter of presentation along with professional advice so that you prevail at the time of finding a that job who as much you wish. 
curriculum nurse


A look throws to all our done examples of curriculum vitae

  • We have created a series of examples of curriculum vitae that we are safe will help you in your process of selection.
  • It uses one of our optimized groups extreme and sees by all from the first moment.
  • What bring to you is going you to like. A look throws to all our models and chooses the one that more adapts
  • To what you are hoping to prevail?

It begins to put to you into the hands of that they know

We have created some examples of optimized extreme curricula so that you are able to create a winning CB of simple way.

In addition, you will have access to multitude of advice exceeds how to complete your curriculum and you will be able to consult any doubt to us that arises to you.

And it is that to consider so many elements at the time of creating a CB that marks the difference it is not easy. Nevertheless, a formula exists so that you have the tranquillity to be making the things good from the first moment.

Ponte into the hands of which they know. 

as making a curriculum

And in addition to all this…

With each example of curriculum that unloadings you will also have access to a letter model of editable presentation 100%, totally optimized and to game with your example of curriculum vitae. In addition, you will receive professional advice to be able to complete your curriculum and will have access to editable icons, explanatory videos, an extensive guide exceeds how to make a winning curriculum much more and. 

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Valuation 5/5 in Etsy
The group has enchanted me. The design is brilliant and is very intuitive and easy to complete. Thanks!
Pablo Reja
This group is simply perfect! The instructions were very clear and we received it quickly everything. I bought a group of simple design that I liked much. The final result is brilliant, very refining! Thank you very much to create the perfect group!
Susan Casey (Etsy)
I finish buying my group and I am very happy. I began to create my curriculum in some minutes and the result is until better than it hoped. To create my CB worried to me since it did not know where to find competent information. Thanks to the guide and to all the advice I was able to create a CB of great quality. Thanks!
Antoine Dumoulin (Etsy)

This is what you are going to obtain with our examples of CB

  • Examples of curriculum vitae made to complete and to print. PC-compatible and Mac.
  • Product 100% digitalis. It chooses between one of the spectacular examples of CB to unload.
  • Content totally optimized and compatible groups editable 100% with Word.
  • Model of 1, 2 and 3 pages so that you combine the different elements according to your needs.
  • Spectacular designs created by experts in selection processes.
  • Letter of presentation and letter of references to game with instructions to complete them.
  • Great amount of professional advice so that you know how to create your curriculum vitae.
  • Bonus with totally modifiable original icons and unballastable sources.
  • Tutorial video in which we explained the keys to you to complete your example of curriculum.
curriculum examples