Curriculum vitae basic

A look throws because the models of curriculum vitae basic that we have created are thought to take you to the following level. Whether you are beginning your race as if you have one expanded experience, this model of curriculum is for you. Between the groups that we have created you will find models optimized for practically any candidate. Yours Chooses!

Valuation 5/5 in Etsy store
curriculum vitae basic
Valuation 5/5 in Etsy
basic curriculum

You want a winning basic curriculum?


The curriculum vitae basic is a powerful conceived tool so that you most of use it in selection processes. 

Account with the fundamental sections that all curriculum of high quality must include, which have been adapted so that you emphasize on your competitors

This model will allow you to show of precise way how your professional experience and your personal abilities can fit with the wished job offer. 

One treats in addition to a curriculum vitae original and creative that, still leaving protagonism to the content, also emphasizes by its care design.

You will be able to adapt the groups whether accounts with one expanded race as if you do not have previous professional experience. To what you are hoping? 

“It chooses your basic model of curriculum vitae and happens to the following level.”

A thing is safe: or you emphasize or your curriculum will be recycling


  • We bring a curriculum vitae to you basic to fill up 100% editable one and optimized so that you overcome the barrier of the 6 seconds.
  • Groups of basic curricula optimized and designed by expert professionals in selection processes.
  • It includes letter of presentation and page of totally customizables references with each model.
  • You do not leave a bad election at the time of creating your curriculum ruins the illusion that you have in that job

A basic group curriculum vitae superior

It changes what you need

Curriculum vitae basic to fill up in Word. Totally editable.

Optimized and professional

Preparation chooses a model basic curriculum so that you emphasize.

Incredible designs

A look throws to our spectacular groups and chooses your model basic curriculum.

curriculum vitae basic

1, 2 and 3 pages

It combines the different elements according to your needs.

Letter of presentation

All ours packs includes a letter of presentation to game.

And this is not everything…

Professional advice to create a curriculum vitae basic, editable icons, tutorial video, etc.

He prepares your basic curriculum and he sees by that dreamed work

Step 1

Your basic group chooses curriculum vitae

One of our extraordinary models of curriculum vitae chooses basic to unload.

Step 1

Step 2

It unloads your flaming model

Once bought your basic model of curriculum vitae to complete, an email will arrive to you so that you can unload your curriculum vitae basic to complete.

Step 2

Step 3

It begins by the principle

It reads the instructions and it installs the sources of Word in your computer to be able to enjoy your curriculum vitae totally basic.

Step 3

Step 4

It is the moment for creating a curriculum vitae basic winning

It opens the curriculum vitae basic to fill up in Word and completes it with your information following the advice. It uses the model of 1, 2 or 3 pages according to is necessary. Also give cane to that letter of presentation.

Step 4

Step 5

To by that work!

It keeps your flaming basic group curriculum vitae in Word or pdf (recommendable) and sends it with the confidence of a good work done. 

Step 5

The curriculum vitae basic, it is for me?

As you can imagine to you, it is fundamental to consider your particular situation before sending to you to create a winning curriculum. And it is that he is not the same to count on one consolidated professional experience that to be finishing your studies. 

It is for that reason that enters our models you will find spectacular designs with a content oriented to profiles with more professional experience and other models for profiles that are being gotten up to the labor world

In any case, all the models of CB that we have created are editable 100% reason why, following our professional advice, you will be able to adapt anyone of the groups of curriculum vitae basic to your particular situation. 

Accounts with professional experience?

Perfect. All our models, except for specific cases created for profiles without professional experience, are optimized 100% so that you can create a curriculum vitae basic top

The only thing that you must do is to unload the group of basic curriculum to fill up that it more adapts and to follow the instructions that there are including in each one of the packs.

And what happens if I have very little professional experience (or none)?

You do not have to worry minimum. All we have happened that way and the one that the opposite says, lies. 

It is truth that to create a CB with little (or none) experience could seem, in principle, more complicated. Nevertheless, if you follow a series of keys at the time of elaborating your curriculum vitae basic, your probabilities of success are going to increase considerably

Next we left some basic ideas you in case you need a group basic curriculum without experience:

If you have little professional experience or no, you must begin to center you in your academic profits.

It emphasizes and it includes of way needs each degree, each diploma, each course detailing all the necessary information. It adds for each entrance the name of the course, the date, the center in which you realised the formation and the main matters of study.

You can talk about to the qualifications as long as they leave you in good place. If you approved your very raspadito degree, he is better not to mention it in your curriculum vitae basic.

Finally, it always begins referring you to the most recent studies and sees underneath adding the other of chronological way.     

To mention the abilities and the profits is always fundamental in any type candidacy, you have experience or no. 

However, if you are a candidate with little experience, your abilities and your profits are going to play fundamental paper at the time of securing that job that as much you wish. So dedicate to this section the importance to him that is deserved.

It is the moment for selling to you. 

It mentions your main abilities putting them in relation to the job for which you send your candidacy. Special beam reference to your profits, emphasizing what you obtained during that training and how. 

It emphasizes your technical and practical abilities as, for example, your computer science knowledge (specific), your excellent languages as well as any other abilities for the position.

It includes the characteristics of your personality, emphasizing positive qualities of your form to be. This it is a good moment to mention how your personal competitions are going to have a great impact in the company.

When having little experience or no, is important that “professional experience” is not a hollow in target in the section. 

We agree that is not perhaps going to be your strength in the candidacy, but are forms of which your lack of experience does not harm to you.

The important thing in this type of situations is to use this section to show the one in charge of the selection process abilities and profits that are going to be excellent for the position (they very ten in account the previous section).

Probably you can add some practice that you even carried out during your studies or a work of student. It is the moment for removing to shine all your potential showing which were your profits during such experiences. And, mainly, it tries to put these profits and abilities in relation to the position in particular. 

Than one treats here is to continue selling to you. It does not concern that you do not count on this experience, everything we have happened that way. However, it takes advantage of the circumstances intelligently to continue marking points. 

This advice is valid for any type of candidacy, you have experience or no. and is that the key words are going to be fundamental so that the person in charge of the selection process pays attention to you

These famous words you the employer in the own supply of use will give them. The only thing that you must do is to fix to you with well-taken care of to the words that are using and being incorporating them in your basic model of curriculum vitae.

However, as everything in the life, you do not abuse either at the time of using keywords since it could be counter-productive. 

With respect to the action verbs, always there are certain formulas that are going to help you in your intention. Test with verbs of positive action as: to increase, to manage, to resolve, to implement, etc.


Again, something that we recommended for practically any type of candidacy (except for very exceptional cases). 

In principle, a curriculum vitae ideal would not have to surpass the 2 pages. It is for that reason that we recommended that your basic model of curriculum vitae has 1 at the most or 2 pages.

In ours packs of basic curriculum we have including 3 different models since you will be able to explore different combinations and to see that formula adapts better to your situation.

In addition, we have completed each of these models of curriculum vitae basic with a great amount of professional advice so that you are constructing a winning curriculum. 

We invited to you to that you are exploring all the content of your pack to secure a spectacular result. And as always, in case you need any type help, you do not doubt in contacting to us personally.

You are looking for another type of curriculum model?

A look throws because we have for example spectacular models of curriculum in English. You only must make click here if you want one of the CVs in English.

If you need on the contrary a specific model for a concrete position, we have also developed several groups that are going to help you safe.

In addition, you do not doubt in putting to you in touch with us for any consultation who you can have, we will be more than enchanted of being able to help you. 

And in case this was little…

We have created one powerful guide in that we are going to explain passage to you by step how to make a curriculum vitae basic that he allows you to emphasize in your process of selection. 

You only must request your guide here.

Of a thing we are safe.

And it is that the first groups of curriculum vitae basic free that you find in Internet are not going to be able to help you in this process that we are convinced is very important for you.

Think it at great length. 

A person in charge of human resources is receiving hundreds of curriculum every day. Between those candidacies, the great majority of people has sent a generalized curriculum, without optimizing and with a design that leaves much to be desired. 

Basically, they have found a group of curricula in line that did not know very well from where it came and have copied their data without any consideration by the adressee of that document.

What you think that a person will do who receives hundreds of candidacies of this style to the day?

You have guessed it: wastebasket. 

She is for that reason that if you really want to mark the difference, you are going to have to make an effort to you and to make emphasize your profile. And that you are not going to be able to obtain following it the same way that the majority. 

Over your it hands.


It unloads your curriculum vitae basic to complete

curriculum vitae basic
model of curriculum vitae

It leaves your candidacy into the hands of that they know and bets by a basic model of curriculum vitae to complete designed to take you to the following level. 

What they say of us

Valuation 5/5 in Etsy

This group is simply perfect! The instructions were very clear and we received it quickly everything. One of my students used it to create its first curriculum. I bought a group of simple design that I liked much. The final result is brilliant, very refining! Thank you very much to create the perfect group!

Susan Casey

(Commentary translated and coming from our Etsy store)

The group has enchanted me. The design is brilliant and is very intuitive and easy to complete. Thanks!

Pablo Reja


This is what you are going to be able with our curriculum vitae basic to fill up in Word

  • Basic model of curriculum vitae to complete and to print. PC-compatible and Mac.
  • Product 100% digitalis. It chooses between one of the spectacular models of basic CB to unload.
  • Content totally optimized and compatible groups editable 100% with Word.
  • Model of 1, 2 and 3 pages so that you combine the different elements according to your needs.
  • Spectacular designs created by experts in selection processes.
  • Letter of presentation and letter of references to game with instructions to complete them.
  • Great amount of professional advice so that you know how to create your curriculum vitae basic.
  • Bonus with totally modifiable original icons and unballastable sources.
  • Tutorial video in which we explained the keys to you to fill up your basic curriculum.