You go to by all this time?

You are before a model of elegant curriculum that will cause that your candidacy emphasizes by its professionalism. This model adapts all type of profile and is a safe value.

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  • Product 100% digitalis. You will be able to unload your model as soon as you are decided to buy it.
  • Content totally optimized so that your profile emphasizes in your process of selection.
  • Model of 1, 2 and 3 pages so that you combine the different elements including in the pack.
  • Group of curriculum vitae in editable format Microsoft Word 100%. PC-compatible and Mac.
  • A spectacular and elegant design conceived by expert professionals in selection processes.
  • Letter of presentation to game with detailed instructions to complete it.
  • Letter model of references in case you need this document in your request.
  • Adapted advice so that you know how to complete each one of the sections perfectly.
  • Totally editable icons and unballastable sources including in the pack.
  • Tutorial video so that you have the keys at the time of completing your curriculum vitae.

100% editable one

You will be able to change everything what you need with a simple click.

Totally optimized

Optimized content so that your profile always emphasizes.

Spectacular designs

Designed by professionals to mark the difference.

1, 2 and 3 pages

3 models so that you combine the different elements.

Letter of presentation

Letter of presentation to game and totally optimized.


Editable icons, original sources and professional advice.

Still you are thinking it to you?

Ponte in the hands of which they know and they ten the security to be making the things good from the beginning. 

A thing is safe: the election is yours

You do not doubt it nor a second and gives to your candidacy the push that needs with this model of curriculum totally optimized. You are before an investment that is probable is made profitable very but that in a moment.

€19.9 14 70
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FAQ (Preguntas Frecuentes)

It is simple, once the payment has been realised (with paypal or credit card), you will receive an email of confirmation with a link. Beam click in that link to unload the pack the group curriculum vitae in Word format and all the documents.

Once unloaded the pack, you will need to extract documents with a program as winzip or to winrar. If you have some doubt or difficulty when extracting the documents, you do not doubt in consulting to us. In case you do not want to use any of these programs, contact to us and we will send documents directly to you.

You are going to receive all the necessary one so that your candidacy is a success. Once you have unloaded your pack and extracted documents, you will have access to a guide of instructions who will explain to you how to complete your curriculum (“STEP 1”).  

In addition, you will receive a file with all the sources to be installed in Word and that your group curriculum has a perfect aspect (“STEP 2”). The only thing that you must do is to install the sources as it is indicated in the guide.

In the folder “STEP 3” you will have access to the groups of curriculum vitae in Word format. You do not doubt in consulting the different models from 1, 2 and 3 pages to have a global vision envelope how to make your curriculum.  

Once unloaded the pack, you will need to extract documents with a program as winzip or to winrar.

STEP 1 begins by the folder “– Instructions”. There you will find a guide of instructions in pdf with all the necessary information. If you have difficulties at the time of opening the pdf, it tries unloading the adobe to reader. In addition to the guide, we have elaborated a series of videos in which you will be able to find excellent information.

It opens to the folder “STEP later 2 – Sources”. You must install the sources so that your group works correctly. In the following video we explained passage to you by step how to do it.

The following step consists of opening to the folder “STEP 3 – Groups”. Here you will find the different models from 1, 2 and 3 pages. Even though to make a curriculum of 3 pages he is not very recommendable, we advised to open the 3 examples to you of curriculum vitae to have access to all the advice. Ten in account that you can combine elements of each page for a spectacular result.

It introduces your data in each one of the sections and once you have completed all the model, keep it in Word format. Later conviértelo in pdf since this it is the format that you would have to always use at the time of sending your CB.

You do not forget that in the folder “BONUS” you have a model of letter of presentation and a page of references (for those cases in which you decide not to include the references in your curriculum and want to send this separate document).

Finally, in the folder “BONUS” we also have including a series of original and totally editable icons. In order to know how to change the color of the icons, we left the following video you.

By all means! You can publish the group completely. You can modify the titles, the colors, the photo, etc. You can in addition move the sections and change the different areas. In case you make a change nonwished, simply you do click in undoing or Ctrl + Z and will return back.  

You will find all the information in the following tutorial. In him we explained to you how to do so that the photo is perfect totally. Just in case, it remembers to use a professional photo (nothing to use the photo of the graduation).

If you have doubts at the time of inserting your photo in the group, 🙂 throws a look to the following video

Once unloaded the pack, you will need to extract documents with a program as winzip or to winrar. Once fact this, you will be able to publish any aspect of the group using Microsoft Word.

You do not forget that you will need adobe to reader for being able to accede to the complete guide of instructions.

In the majority of the cases, a curriculum vitae ideal would not have to surpass the 2 pages. It is for that reason that we recommended that your final CB has 1 at the most or 2 pages.

Nevertheless, we recommended to you that you analyze the 3 models since we have introduced advice who will be to you very useful at the time of being completing your winning CB. 

In addition, you could be combining the different elements that agree to you more having upon account your profile and the position for which you are sending your candidacy.

Yes 🙂

We have completed each section with information of high quality so that you know how to make your curriculum vitae. 

If you have difficulties at the time of opening the archives, it returns to unload the pack and it follows the steps to extract all the documents with the recommended programs.

If even so it follows without working, this can be due to that you have an old version of Microsoft Word. Protected writes to [email to us] explaining the difficulties that you are undergoing as well as the version of Microsoft Word which you are using.

We will respond to you as rapidly as possible so that everything goes perfect.

It verifies your folder of Spam or mail nonwished. If you use Gmail, it also verifies the eyelashes Social and Promotions. If you do not see it, protected adds [email] to your address book or safe list.

If you continue having difficulties, write us to that same email and we will put ourselves in touch with you to help to solve any problem you that you have.

Your curriculum you are. You must think about this document as if your own personal brand one was. And of a thing you can be [email protected]: our models of curriculum are designed and conceived so that your personal brand emphasizes over your competitors.

Ten in account that within this competition many factors will enter game that will cause that the balance is poured off in your favor or no. Will be situations in which you secure your goals and others in which no, but the learning always will be there with you.

Than we are convinced is that the effort, the certainty and the good work ALWAYS done have their reward. He is something that we have verified personally time and time again.

If to this certainty and work you add the experience to him of a great centered equipment in which I reach your professional goals, the success will finish arriving sooner or later.