Policy of privacy and protection of data.

In accordance with the arranged thing in the General Regulation (the EU) on Protection of Data 2016/679 (“RGPD”), by means of the acceptance of the present Policy of Privacy and Protection of quick Data your informed, express consent, frees and unequivocal so that the personal data that proportions through the jobquest-resumes.com webpage (in future “Web”) are including in a file of usuary Web property of C. Dumoulin and J.S. Rosemary, holders of the Papers trademark and Planners

®and with head office in Rue du Président, 57, 1050 Brussels, Belgium (the “Person in charge”).

All this properly enrolled before the Spanish agency of Protection of Data and with respect to which it is guaranteed that the organizational safety measures have been applied as much as technical required by the RGPD.

1,1 Purpose and consent to the treatment.

As one takes shelter in the norm, one inquires to the User who, through the forms of contact or subscriptions, or when acquires one of our products, data are successfully obtained, which are stored in a file with the exclusive purpose of shipment of electronic communications, such as: bulletins (newsletters), new entrances (posts), commercial supplies, to transact the orders, as well as other communications that the Web understands interesting for its Users. 

The staked out fields as of obligatory execution they are essential to realise the purpose expressed if as the established purposes in the Legal Warning.

The Person in charge will only have access to your data, and under no concept, these data will be yielded, shared, transferred, nor sold to no third party. The acceptance of the policy of privacy by means of the established procedure of double opt-in will be understood to all the effects as the benefit of EXPRESS AND UNEQUIVOCAL CONSENT of the User to the treatment of the personal character data in the terms that are exposed in the present document, as well as to the international transference of data that takes place, exclusively, due to the physical location of the facilities of the suppliers of services and ordered of the data processing.

In no case a different use will be realised that the purpose for that many have been successfully obtained the data neither the less your data will be yielded to a third party.

1.1.2 Exactitude and veracity of the data.

Obvious you are the only person in charge of the veracity and exactitude of the data that you send to us, reason why we were exempted on the matter of any type of responsibility.

As user, you must guarantee the exactitude and authenticity of the facilitated personal data, contributing the complete and correct information in the different forms from pick up of data.

1,2 Juniors.

In the assumption of being greater of 14 years, you will be able to register without needing the previous consent of your parents or tutors.

What happens in case you are smaller of 14 years?

In this assumption, the consent of your parents or tutors will be obligatory condition so that we can treat his personal data.

Warning: If you are less than 14 years old and you have not obtained the consent of your parents, you cannot be registered in the Web reason why we will come to deny its request in case of having certainty of it.

1,3 Legitimation.

Thanks to the consent, we can treat your data being requisite obligatory to be able to subscribe you to the Web. As you know well, you can retire your consent at the moment that you wish it.

1,4 Category of the data.

The data successfully obtained at no moment especially are protected, but they are categorisen as identifying data.

1,5 Time of conservation of the data. 

We will conserve your data during the legally established time or until you solicit that they are eliminated.

1,6 Fulfillment of the application norm. As of May of 2018, the Web is in force by the RGPD.

Also, we informed you that, giving fulfillment to Law 34/2002 of 11 of July of Services of the Society of the Information and the Electronic Commerce, consent to the User for the treatment of its e-mail with commercial aims at every moment will be asked for to him.

In accordance with the established thing in the norm, we informed to you that the provided data, as well as those data derived from their navigation, could be stored in the files of the Person in charge and treaties for the purpose of taking care of your request and the maintenance of the relation that settles down in the forms that you subscribe.

Additionally, the User allows the treatment of his data in order to be informed, by any means, including the e-mail, of products and services of the Web.

In case of previously not authorizing the treatment of your data with the indicated purpose, you will be able to exert your right of opposition to the treatment of your data in the terms and predicted conditions more advanced in the section “Exercise of Rights”.

1,7 Safety measures.

We informed to you that we have implanted the safety measures of technical nature and organizational necessary to guarantee the security of your personal character data and to avoid its alteration, loss and treatment and/or nonauthorized access, taking into account the state of the technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks to that they are exposed, or comes from the human action or physical or natural means. All this in accordance with the anticipated thing in the RGPD.

Also, additional measures have settled down in sequence to reinforce the confidentiality and integrity of your information, maintaining continuously the supervision, control and evaluation of the processes to assure the respect to the privacy the data.

1,8 Exercise of rights.

Those natural people who have facilitated their data through the Web, will be able to go to the holder of the same with the purpose of to be able free of charge to exercise their rights of access to their data, rectification or suppression, limitation and opposition with respect to the data incorporated in their files. We also informed to him that she can make complaint before the Authority of Control.

The fastest and simple method would be acceding in your account of user directly and to modify your data or to erase your account of user. Any information that we need to store, by virtue of a legal or contractual obligation, will be blocked and only used for these aims instead of to be erased.

In the present case, automated treatments of data are not realised, and in the case of doing it, we will inform to him on the matter. 

The interested one will be able to exercise its rights by means of communication in writing with the reference “Protection of data”, specifying its data, crediting its identity and the reasons for its request through e-mail: hell [email protected].

1,9 Links or external liaisons.

As a service to our visitors, our website can include hyperbonds to other sites that are not operated or controlled by the Web. For that reason the Web does not guarantee, nor becomes person in charge of legality, reliability, utility, veracity and the present time of the contents of such websites or their practices of privacy.

Please, before providing your personal information to these websites other people's to the Web, they ten in account that their practices of privacy can differ from ours.

The only object of the connections is to provide to the User the possibility of acceding to these connections, although the Web does not offer nor commercializes in case neither by means of third parties the information, contents and services available in the connected sites, nor approve, it supervises or in no way controls the contents and services and any material of any existing nature in the same.

The Web does not take responsibility in any case of the results that can be derived to the User by access to these connections.

1,10 Modification of the privacy policy.

The Person in charge reserves the right to modify the Policy of Privacy, according to his own criterion, motivated by a legislative, legal or doctrinal change of the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data.

Any modification of the Policy of Privacy will be published at least ten days before its effective application. The use of the Web after these changes, will imply the acceptance of the same.

1,11 Person in charge of the file.

The people in charge of the file are: C. Dumoulin and J.S. Rosemary, holders of the Papers trademark and Planners

®and with head office in Rue du Président, 57, 1050 Brussels, Belgium (the “Person in charge”).

  • 1,12 Services offered by third parties on the Web.

In order to serve strictly necessary for the development of its activity, the Web uses the following lenders of services under its corresponding conditions of privacy:

Webempresa Europe, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (identified with commercial brand WEBEMPRESA), residing in c Pujol, 17, entr. 1, with CIF B65739856, that provides the services of lodging Web (hosting). It is possible to be consulted the policy of privacy and other legal aspects of this company in the following connection: https://www.webempresa.com/aviso-legal.html.

On the Web also the preferences of their users, their demographic characteristics, their landlords of traffic study, and another information altogether to understand better who constitute our hearing and what it is what needs. The tracking of the preferences of our users also helps to show to him the more excellent advertising warnings us.

The User and, generally, any legal natural person or, will be able to settle down a hyperlink or technical device of connection (for example, links or bellboys) from his website to the Web (the “Hyperlink “).

The establishment of the Hyperlink does not imply in any case the existence of relations between the Web and the proprietor of the site or the webpage in which settles down the Hyperlink, nor the acceptance or approval on the part of the Web of its contents or services.

In any case, the Web reserves the right at any time to prohibit or to make unusable any Hyperlink to the Web.

1.13 You don't wish to receive information? You want to revoke the consent? 

In accordance with the arranged thing in Law 34/20023, of 11 of June of Services of the Society of the Information and the Electronic Commerce you can oppose you to the use of his information for advertising aims, investigations of market or development of satisfaction surveys at any time, as well as revoke your consent at any time (without retroactive effect).

For it, you will have to send an e-mail to the direction [email protected].

In relation to the management of your data associated to the social profiles of Jobquest Resumes, the exercise of the access right, will depend on the functionality of the social network and the possibilities of access to the information of the profiles of the users.

In relation to the rights of access and rectification, we recommended to him that only it will be able to be satisfied in relation to that one information that is under the control of the Person in charge. 

In addition it will be able to stop interacting, following or receiving information of the social profiles, to eliminate the contents that stop interesting to you or restricting with who shares his connections, by means of the mechanisms stipulated in the different social networks.

The User will be able to accede to the policies of privacy of each social network, as well as to form his profile to guarantee his privacy.