General conditions of sale.

1,1 Conditions of use.

When unloading to you and making use of any product supplied by Jobquest Resumes

®, you are accepting the present general conditions of sale (“General Conditions of Sale”), along with all the applicable laws and regulations. In case you do not accept the present General Conditions of Sale, ponte in touch with us in the following email: [email protected] to communicate it to us. In this sense, you will not be autorizado/a to use any of products supplied by Jobquest Resumes


1,2 intellectual Property.

All the contents and publications of the Web Jobquest Resumes

®(including but without being limited articles, posts, pages, texts, videos, tutorial, podcasts, images, graphs, computer graphics, etc.) as well as the icon, manuals, image, tutorial video, all the group of curriculum and their content and any product sold in the Web are subject to rights of author and intellectual property, of which Jobquest Resumes

®he is the exclusive holder. Anyone of these unballastable archives, including anyone of its parts, could not be considered as your property under any circumstance. Ten in account that we will take necessary the legal actions before any infraction regarding our rights from author and intellectual property. 

1,3 License of use.

Jobquest Resumes

®it grants a license to you limited, without possibility to be transferred and nonexclusive, to use the groups of curriculum vitae and any other product supplied by Jobquest Resumes

®in agreement with the present General Conditions of Sale.   

1.3.1 Modifications.

You do not have the authorization to publish or to make modifications to the groups of curriculum vitae as well as other products that you have acquired with the purpose of to reproduce, to copy or to redistribute the same without our consent.    

1.3.2 inadequate Uso.

The groups curriculum vitae or any product supplied by Jobquest Resumes

®they only can be used and personally intransferable. It is prohibited therefore the use of the groups curriculum vitae or any other product supplied for the redistribution or resale of any type.

1.3.3 Property and responsibility.

You cannot demand any right of author nor of intellectual property other that the rights guaranteed in these General Conditions of Sale as well as any exclusive feature on anyone of products supplied by Jobquest Resumes

®. All the unloaded products of the Web and in any other platform available, as well as any product supplied by Jobquest Resumes

®they exclusively belong to Jobquest Resumes

®. Therefore, you do not have right to sell, to copy or to distribute any of our products. Our products are provided “ace is” (“as they are”), without guarantee of any type, neither implicit nor explicit. Jobquest Resumes

®it cannot be considered responsible by any type for damages, including but without being limited direct and indirect damages (including any responsibility against third parties), as well as any loss, coming from the use or the incapacity to use our products.

1.4 Diseño of products and computer graphics.

Except for indication it express opposite, the purchase of anyone of our products grants the nonexclusive right to you to use this product creating any document that you can use later for being used of individual way. The design, computer graphics, as well as any other proveído material cannot be copied, be talked back or be used for any other aim as, for example, the resale or any other commercial or lucrative use. In case of nonauthorized use, Jobquest Resumes

®it will undertake all the necessary legal actions against any person or organization involved in this type of activities.

1.5 Entrega of products.

Except for indication it express opposite, the products supplied by Jobquest Resumes

®they are digital and they will be available for its unloading nothing else realised the purchase. Once the payment has been processed correctly, you will receive an email with a link so that you can unload the acquired product

1,6 Reimbursement.