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We are Joshua and Charlotte, the creators of Papers & Planners and are going to count you what you need to make to create a currrículum that marks the difference and it allows you to happen to the following level in your next candidacy. You With us have left because we are sure that what we have for you is going to you to enchant. 

to make a curriculum vitae

Much more that a CB

We Know You have the sensation of not knowing if you are doing really everything what is in your hands to create a winning CB that allows to mark the difference you, thats the reason we make this website with unlimited hosting?

You don't know by where beginning at the time of putting hands to you to the work and creating a epic CB?

These [email protected] to send hundreds of candidacies that remain without answer?

You know what? We also have been there


In 2012 we left the University with all the illusion of the world to find an agreed job to our expectations and formation. 

After several hundreds of sent curricula (and other so many deceptions) we followed without finding since he really allowed us to live as we wanted. 

The frustration was really important and we spent quite complicated moments. However, to surrender was not one of the options.  

  • Charlotte: “after a formation in philology, being expert in communication and personal brand, it found giving particular classes me of English by 10€ the hour and working in a clothes store. The truth is that it found me very far from my professional aspirations.”
  • Joshua: “I had studied Straight, had a masters in International law and spoke three languages. In spite of my extensive formation and motivation he found me doing practical not remunerated and working as waiter the week ends.”

Nevertheless, everything changed in 2015…


I happened to work in a restaurant without contract in Brussels to work as lawyer in an important Office at international level in Luxembourg. Later I was contracted in an Organization the International in Brussels and nowadays receipt several proposals of work the month


I secured a position as in charge of communication in one start-up Belgian with a spectacular projection. After a time in the company, I decided to send my own project with that I am beginning to have great results and itself growing every day.  

These results were not fruit of the good luck nor arrived overnight

In this process of transformation a series of personal changes existed that allowed us to achieve the labor success. 

For it, we spent very many hours in forging our own personal brand, being the curriculum vitae first of the steps necessary to drive this change.   

It is for that reason that after our experience, we are convinced of being able to help you beginning by the basic element to achieve that success: your curriculum

as making a perfect curriculum

What you are really going to be able to obtain here is the following thing:

  • To create a professional CB totally optimized so that you begin to mark the difference in the selection processes to which you present to you.
  • To count on a spectacular model of curriculum designed by professionals so that your profile always emphasizes.
  • To know how how to complete your group of curriculum with the precise information in each section, with professional advice so that nothing escapes to you.
  • To know all the keys at the time of making a presentation letter breaker that becomes the perfect complement of your curriculum vitae.
  • To discover how to be improving in many aspects of your life to constitute a solid image based on the personal confidence and the self-esteem.

How you can prevail in your process of selection?

curriculum vitae basic

It uses our groups of curriculum vitae and it happens to the following level

An optimized group begins already from creating a curriculum totally breaker using so that your profile always emphasizes. For it, you can throw a look to the spectacular models that we have designed for you.

It learns with us all the keys to make a professional and optimized CB

We recommended you that you accede to our blog we use ssd vps hosting to make this blog and you read what we are writing since you are going to have access to very valuable information that she is going to help you safe. Here you will be able to find very useful articles that they will give all the keys you to create your CB.

You don't know by where beginning?

Our recommendation is that you begin to subscribe to the blog to take a spectacular gift to you that is going to give all the keys you that you need to create a CB superior: “the definitive guide on as making a curriculum vitae winning”.     

as making a curriculum

We hoped to You inside! You are going to have access to all the content of our Web and will receive professional advice to create a solid candidacy that marks the difference. We are more than enchanted to accompany in this process 🙂 to you

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The group has enchanted me. The design is brilliant and is very intuitive and easy to complete. Thanks!
Pablo Reja
This group is simply perfect! The instructions were very clear and we received it quickly everything. I bought a group of simple design that I liked much. The final result is brilliant, very refining! Thank you very much to create the perfect group!
Susan Casey (Etsy)
I finish buying my group and I am very happy. I began to create my curriculum in some minutes and the result is until better than it hoped. To create my CB worried to me since it did not know where to find competent information. Thanks to the guide and to all the advice I was able to create a CB of great quality. Thanks!
Antoine Dumoulin (Etsy)