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You are making use of the power of the professional social networks?

At this point we think that already you would have to know it… a curriculum vitae of high level is going to really increase the possibility that you are successful in your candidacy.

However, you must be conscious that in addition to an optimized extreme curriculum, other elements exist that are going to play your favor at the time of turning you into experto/of a the selection processes.

And today we are going to deal with one those fundamental aspects: the NETWORKING in the professional social networks.

If you are of that they have still not undergone the power to comprise of a professional network, you are without a doubt losing extremely important assets that you would not have to underestimate. 

Bond, can be that you are thinking right now that you have neither the time nor the capacity to secure a network of people who can help you in your mission. Let tell you something to us: we either.

And it is why the human being has invented the perfect solution: the professional social networks.   

If there is a fundamental element that you must consider (in addition to your CB) at the time of prevailing in your professional race, that is not other that networking in the professional social networks.

professional social networks

It continues reading because we are going to share with you all the keys so that you create an infallible network of contacts that allows you to take the reins at the time of looking for use.

In fact, applying correctly many of these keys, it is probable that it is the use the one that comes search to you. It does not sound absolutely badly, truth? 😉

We begin by the principle: what is networking

as making curriculum vitae

Networking or “the art to create a network of contacts”

It is simple: networking means to connect. And at the time of looking for use, the connections, like in many other aspects of life, they are going to play a fundamental role.

We did not talk about here to the famous “plug” (that can also work), but to the fact to create a professional network to you of contacts that allows that your profile arrives at the people who must arrive from direct way, without intermediaries.

You must be conscious that the use search has evolved with the new technologies. It is for that reason that if you really want to be and to follow the rules of the game, you must comprise of one of these networks.

It is here where new networking is happening. These connections will allow to a great extent to increase your probabilities you of success since you will have access to people to whom he would be quite complicated to go in other circumstances.

It is demonstrated that the shipment of candidacies of “traditional” way must be reinforced with a solid profile in a professional social network. So, we go to for that reason!

To belong to a professional network of contacts in which you can put in practice networking is going exponentially to increase your possibilities of being contracted. In fact, with the suitable profile, it is even probable that those are the companies that begin search to you.

The professional social networks

You must be conscious that the passive tactics to send several candidacies and to hope to that they respond has finished to you. The new technologies are here for remaining and the labor scope does not escape to this rule.

Nowadays, in addition to telling on a curriculum vitae totally optimized that marks the difference, it is necessary to have a presence online that it allows us to interact of direct way with other people in purely professional surroundings.

The form more adapted to be able to do it? You have guessed it: the professional social networks.

And it is that with the suitable profile, there will be contacts of your network that will even recommend your candidacy, causing that you begin to be visible before the eyes of million people (between whom there are hundreds of thousands of in charge of human resources)

Within the professional social networks, some relatively well-known as Viadeo, Xing or exist.

Nevertheless, today we are going to concentrate in the professional social network that has changed the form to understand the relation between the applicants of use and the ones in charge of human resources. We go to by Linkedin!

One of the professional social networks par excellence: Linkedin

By you did not know it, Linkedin has been growing year after year until overcoming the barrier of the 500 million usersThis spectacular growth has not made but increase the necessity to count on a professional profile in Linkedin. 

We could say without fear to mistake to us that Linkedin has changed the rules of the game in which to professional race talks about. And it is for that reason that is totally necessary that you have a profile optimized in this social network.

Next we are going to let all the keys to know how to you how to use Linkedin and to prevail in the attempt. But before, we left amazing history here you from how Linkedin arose and how it was its ascent until the top.  

1. A small introduction to know how Linkedin works

Nowadays, the companies are using Linkedin to find candidates of direct way, in many of the cases for selection processes that are not open still of official way. And we can tell you that one is a tendency is going to continue increasing.

It is for that reason that even if you are not looking for use actively at this precise moment, is important to be constructing your professional network of progressive way

Perhaps in fact, you will increase the possibilities that somebody pays attention to you and even receive some interesting proposals.

Basically, you will be connecting with people of different professional profiles, which will allow you to be creating a solid network of contacts professional.

We cannot say that Linkedin replaces traditional the curriculum vitae totally. Nevertheless, one is the perfect complement to harness your professional profile until you limit unsuspected. And this we have experienced it we ourself. 

The sooner you create your profile in Linkedin, better. Even if you are not looking for work actively, your Linkedin profile will allow you to be creating a professional network of contacts that is going to contribute a great added value to you.

2. We are going to now see how use Linkedin of concrete way

professional social networks

If you are asking to you how to use Linkedin to obtain all the best one of this spectacular professional social network, next we are going to leave you with a series of fundamental keys. 

Ten in account that is not an exhaustive list and that stops to turn you into true maestro/of a Linkedin you could need a little more formation.

Our recommendation, if you want to take advantage of the enormous potential Linkedin, is that you throw a look to Expressing Linkedin, a Web created by Pedro de Vicente.

Pedro is one of the expert majors of Linkedin in Spain and can help with its courses to find the use you that you need with Linkedin, whether you have professional experience as no. 

3. The Linkedin profile

Of general way, you do not have to consider your Linkedin profile as a simple copy of your curriculum vitae. 

In Linkedin, the idea consists of creating a solid profile to you that generates confidence, reason why you would not have to fall in some of the limitations of which we spoke at the time of making an almost perfect curriculum.   

At the time of completing your Linkedin profile, they ten in account that you can even use a tone something more unreliable person. That yes, without forgetting that you are not writing on Facebook, but of one of more important the professional social networks of the planet.

It is for that reason that you must make sure that your reputation is impeccable.

For it, he is interesting that approaches your profile of Linkedin as a platform in which to count a history on your professional profile, identifying by all means who you are, from where you come, which are your profits, what interests to you and which are your professional ambitions.  

You do not forget that you are first of all before a social network whose main objective is the one to connect and to interact with the human being behind each profile.  

4. The Linkedin photo (and of other professional social networks)

photo linkedin

You need a photo in your Linkedin profile? The answer is YES. 

Your photo of Linkedin (along with the title) is of the first elements that the recruiters are going to consider.

For it, a professional photo chooses in which preferably you smile (really help 🙂). Your photo must have good luminosity and clarity.

Forget to you photos in which you appear with several people and are not absolutely professional (photos of vacation, etc.). Again, we remembered to you that you are not on Facebook. 

5. The title in Linkedin

Your title in Linkedin is another fundamental aspect since along with the photo and your name, it is first that the ones in charge of human resources are going to see in the list of results search and when arriving at your profile. 

A good advice to complete your title in Linkedin would be the one search key words related to your professionA tactical mission would be mine (Joshua).

During a time, it had as professional title in Linkedin “Lawyer International law”. It can sound well but the truth is that it did not receive any proposal and was rare that somebody consulted my profile.

I was investigating a little in the network on SEO in Linkedin and the truth that I gave with some articles of quality that made change to my title to “Contract and me Legal Officer” (what also he was something in adjustment with my position then). 

Thanks to that change, I began to appear in the searches of the interviewers and the truth that the use proposals began to arrive continuously (and this I do not say it to say, I have data which they can demonstrate it).

Another option would be to consult the titles of other professionals in you yourself sector and to use the same similar key words or. Really, you would not have to underestimate what the SEO in Linkedin can do by you.

6. Optimization of the Linkedin extract

The Linkedin extract is an excellent section to show than you are able and, mainly, to use the greater possible number of key words.

In the section of your professional extract, you would have to begin mentioning your professional title along with the years of experience.

Later, you can happen to make clear in that scope you have experience, and to end up mentioning what one is excited as well as your professional objectives.

Really, this structure does not fail and it is repeated time and time again between the most successful profiles (and I can assure to you that we have seen a few). So it sees for that reason and it optimizes your Linkedin extract without doubting it. 

7. It personalizes your URL Linkedin

Most of URLs used in Linkedin has a dot similar to this:$54&amp. 

Really, this is going to make difficult that the ones in charge of selection processes can find you of direct and organic way.

However, following some simple steps, you can have a URL clean Linkedin, which goes to cause that to find you it is much more easy.

For it, you only must click in the icon “I” in the part superior of your page of beginning of LinkedIn. Later you click in “Seeing profile”

URL linkedin

Beam click now in “Publishing URL and public profile”. In the new page that will be opened, you will be able to publish your URL Linkedin and to put something as well as:

8. Experience, education and recommendations

We are not going to enter detail in this article much, simply to give some ideas you nails with respect to these sections.

He is important that you talk about essentially to your profits, being most precise possible. In the same way that if you were completing your CB, you do not forget to use numbers and specific data to support any experience that you include in this section.

He is recommendable that you only include the 3 more recent experiences (or the 3 that you consider more excellent considering your profile and what you try to show).  

, Again stuffed this section with the data that to you Linkedin requests. If you have had some remarkable academic profit, it is important that it mentions. 

Like in the case of the experience, it is not necessary that mentions all your formation. The 3 last ones would have to be sufficient (or 3 more excellent).  

You want to go further on and to have bombproof a Linkedin profile? Ask to him your old companions, heads or clients who write a review on you. One is an excellent way to indicate the potential employers to him who can be trusted you. 

9. Final considerations to do networking in Linkedin

If you are nuevo/a in Linkedin or you still do not have many contacts, a good form to begin is concerning your contacts of e-mail and Facebook to Linkedin. Here we left the detailed information you that it indicates to you how to do it.

It begins little by little and it connects first with people that already you know, your familia and your friendlyLater, you can be connecting with other professionals, who are going to be helping to develop your network you of contacts. 

For it, direct you to your fellow workers (old and present), employees of other companies with which you have interacted, clients, old professors, students, etc.

Also he is interesting that you some to groups of your interest or related to your industry and that you participate in the conversations. He begins commenting some of publications and sharing them so that your profile acquires notoriety.

Finally, an extraordinary form of which they pay attention to you is to be writing articles that contribute value in a concrete area. Really, this works very but that and you will cause very well that people begin to visit your profile. 

, If you want to prevail in the labor scope, you would not really have to underestimate the power of the professional social networks. In this sense, an optimized profile of Linkedin along with the network of contacts adapted, is going to surely mark the difference in your professional race.

What has seemed you this post? You are already using the power of the professional social networks? If it is not the case, you really must put you to it.

Let your valuation to us to continue creating contained of quality. We hoped to you in addition in the commentaries. 

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In addition to optimized a Linkedin profile, it is necessary that your CB also is to the height

Since you have been able to verify, you must consider a great amount of aspects at the time of optimizing your profile in Linkedin and taking advantage of all the power the professional social networks. 

However, once the one in charge of human resources has put himself in touch with you via Linkedin, the following thing that is going to ask to you is that you send an optimized curriculum to him. And for it, you must be totally preparado/a.

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