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Questions for the work interview. We kept awake the keys

Before beginning, they ten in account that is a relatively extensive article 🙂

If you do not have time to read it or it does not desire to you at this moment, you can directly consult the frequent questions in a work interview. You only must click in the following button:

If on the contrary you go to top and it is the good key moment to learn a series at the time of knowing how to prepare a work interview (to others of knowing the frequent questions) it begins this way

And it is that if you have arrived up to here, it is very probable that you are to the doors of that interview of work that as much you were hoping. 

We cannot more than to give ours congratulations you!

That means that you have a group of curriculum vitae that has marked the difference and the one in charge of the selection process is ready to know and to know you more on you.

Nevertheless, you cannot live on the past and is therefore the moment to give it everything in that interview of work to turn you into the ideal candidate and to end up prevailing in the selection process.

To secure that interview of work is already everything a profit by your part. However, we understand that the perspective to be in front of the person (or people) that is going to make a decision as far as your labor future can generate certain anxiety.

And it is that the moment arrives at the moment for demonstrating that you are around the circumstances (mainly considering the content of your curriculum and your letter of presentation). 

For it, there are preparation to you this spectacular post in that we are going to keep awake some to you of the keys to prepare an interview, centering to us essentially in the frequent questions in a work interview

To know these questions (along with its answers) is going to contribute a level to you of extra security so that you go to that interview with the confidence that you need at this moment.  

If you have obtained that they call you for an interview, we cannot more than to give ours congratulations you. However, it is the moment for demonstrating all your potential and that they realize of which you are the ideal candidate. For it, to know the frequent questions in a work interview (and to have preparation to you the answers) can really mark the difference.

questions in work interview

Summary than you will find in this mega post

Once again, we are here for helping you at this important moment. 

For it, we are going to approach a series of essential points at the time of knowing how how to prepare a work interview essentially, centering to us in the questions and answers in a work interview.

Of general way, we did not recommend “to study” these questions and answers of memory since it could give a little natural image at the time of the interview. 

The key is rather in having a general concept of the frequent questions that can make you in an interview to feel to you with the necessary confidence and that they do not pillage desprevenido/a to you. 

It comes, we go to by those questions!

We begin with the types of interview who you can be

questions and answers in a work interview

1. The actual interview

It does not have much mystery, this type of interview is the classic interview in which you are going to know personally to the interviewer. 

Even though the subject of the questions in a work interview can be applied to any type of interview, in this article we are going to concentrate in the actual interview.  

In an actual interview, the first impression is fundamental. It is for that reason that your personal appearance matters

In order to begin with good foot, and although it seems evident, fundamental that is seen to you adequately, that you are precise and that you demonstrate to good attitude and kindness.

In addition to your appearance, other key points at the time of increasing your possibilities exist of success in an actual interview (although this can also be applied to other types of interview):  

Abilities fundamental to be successful in a work interview
It takes care of your image and it uses outfit suitable for the interview in particular.
Mantén a opened corporal expression. It tries to smile and to call to the interviewer by his name.
If they ask you for a defect, it always tries to relate it to one of your virtues.
If you must recognize something negative on same you, it is better than you do it at the outset, never in the end.
It uses the power of the honesty to differentiate from the rest and shows your great added value to you.

If you need more information on the matter, Pau Forner, expert in social abilities, has a very interesting article in its blog Social Ability

In case it interests to you, Pau is a great expert in the scope of the charisma and can help if you need to increase your levels to you of confidence, to undo of the fear to speak in public, etc. 

All this will help you without a doubt to prevail in a selection process (and of general way in everything what you want to do in this life).  

2. The telephone interview

It is probable that in certain cases, the interviewer proposes a telephone interview to you (mainly before an actual interview). 

One is a current practice that serves to leak to the possible candidates before the following step.

In this type of interviews, you must totally put the approach in your speech, using a tone of convincing voice and words that they transmit for being able to win to you. 

For it, a method that usually works enough is to simulate the interview with some well-known to be feeling to you with greater comfort at the time of selling your profile by telephone.

Also we recommended to you that you record yourself with your mobile so that you can verify your rate, the clarity with which it express to you, the structure of the speech, etc. A key is not to speak too fast, something that usually happens when we are nervous.

Finally, the great main lines of your speech ten in writing, including the most excellent data, dates, experiences, etc. For it, it is important that you have your curriculum by hand to be able to consult everything what you need.

To prepare a telephone interview is fundamental. For it, you do not doubt in trying it previously with a well-known and to even record to you with the mobile to analyze aspects of your speech. In addition, he is recommendable that you have during the interview some support in paper that allows you to consult the most excellent aspects of your candidacy.

3. The virtual interview

The interview online is a type of more and more popular interview and usually is realised by Skype. He is ideal for the candidates who are, for example abroad.

Our recommendation at the time of preparing to you for this type of interviews is that you verify that you have the necessary equipment and a good connection to Internet

A conversation that is cut continuously does not go to help you in your intention, reason why assure to you that you have necessary means.  

We also advised to you to dress to you formal and suitable way since the recruiter is going to be able to see to you. In this sense, the same rules are applied that the actual interview stops. Ok, if you do not want to wear trousers does not pass anything, but to try not to raise by anything of the world 😉 to you

It is important that you take care of your gestures. In addition, a key aspect is that you put your attention in the interviewer, looking directly at the camera of your computer without considering your own image. 

Finally, a site with little noise and without distractions chooses. If you want to secure that job, you would have to show to confidence and seriousness during your interview online, avoiding interruptions that can leave in sea place you… 

Now yes, we go to by the typical questions in a work interview

We already know it, is not possible to be anticipated each and every one of the questions that are going to do you in an interview of work. To say the opposite to you would be to have much face 😉

Nevertheless, at the time of preparing a work interview to you, yes that you must have very but that very in account the specific features of the concrete position.   

This can seem obvious, but really it is going to give a great advantage you with respect to other candidates. For it, you do not doubt in inquiring about the company/institution for which beams the interview as well as the sector in particular.   

If for example you have an interview to work as legal person in charge of an organization in charge to fight by the rights of the children in Europe, it is important that you show a great compression than this organization for of way has been making specific as well as the legal scope in the matter of protection of minors at European level. To consider these details will give a great advantage you in front of your competitors.

Shelp this, yes that it is truth that exist a series of typical questions in a work interview which usually they are repeated of way frequents (unless you are sending your candidacy to Google).    

 Next we left to the list of questions and answers you in a work interview. We go to for that reason.

1. Why you want to work here?

A question than typical than usually arrives after the phase of presentation.

It is the moment for explaining of brief way and needs why you wish to comprise of the company and that it is what it has attracted to you of the job.

There is reference to the added value that would represent your incorporation the company and how your competitions and experience could benefit from.

This question offers the occasion to demonstrate your knowledge you of the company and the sector in which you want to work.

2. Why we would have to choose to you?

He is important that you answer this question with confidence, avoiding that yes to be arrogant at the time of “selling your qualities”.

Trying to use a simple and clear vocabulary, pon of manifesto why you are a safe bet and all the value that you can provide to the company.

You do not doubt in mentioning examples of previous positions in which you secured a great profit or situations that allow to show the good relation you that you had with your companions.

It is the moment for selling to you and for causing that the one in charge of the selection process has you. 

3. Speak to us of you

In order to respond to this question, our recommendation it is that you share elements something more personal but without entering many details.

It mainly avoids to treat delicate subjects such as the policy or the religion.

It is the moment for speaking of your education (mentioning for example what went what it pushed to you to study your race), of your family, as well as of projects in which you are involved (as long as they are excellent and they can emphasize positive aspects of your personality).

The key of this question is that whenever you talk about to some subject, you try to make fit it with the position in particular and it serves you to sell your profile and your candidacy.

4. Where you see within [X] years?

A question that is repeated time and time again. It is why you do not have to underestimate it since it can be considered as a ask-trap.

With this question, the recruiters prentenden to find out, among other things, if you are somebody that can be trusted to largish term or you are going away to march to the first occasion.

The best thing is to answer of direct and honest way, concentrating you in the company and the job. He is essential that you transmit sensation of stability, commitment and security.

If they do this type to you of question in a work interview, to respond that you do not like anything the city in which is the company or that it is your dream to begin to train a numerous family already, can put in danger your candidacy.

5. Which are your strength?

In order to respond to this question, center you in the competitions and the requirements mentioned in the job offer, doing to fit them with your own experience and personality. 

You can also try to add other complementary competitions as long as they are excellent for the concrete position. 

One is another moment that you must be useful to sell your profile and to make emphasize it against the one of your competitors. That yes, mantén always the center in the concrete position.

6. You could mention 3 defects?

Again a question of the considered ones as “trap”. You do not trust with this question since it can pillage you at a bad moment and for sinking your candidacy. 

Some candidates go too much far and, after a great interview, they respond to this question being too hard with they themselves leaving a negative impression to the recruiter.

I do not commit that error!

On the other hand, the typical answer of “my worse defect is to be perfectionist, blah blah blah…” also it leaves a quite bad impression.

The best formula is the most sincere the one of being possible (without happening to you) and to mention an own defect and to always relate it to a virtue

“I have certain degree of impatience and I do not feel cómodo/a when I have several pending subjects that are not cloturados. That nevertheless allows me to work of rigorous form to have the tranquillity of which the tasks go in due course being completed”.

7. What so you manage stress?

The best way to answer this question is using examples of past and concrete situations that you have lived in your previous work. It explains how you have managed to manage them and to surpass them successfully.

8. Which are your motivations to ask for this job?

With this question, the recruiter tries to know if your personal and professional motivations fit with the vision and the culture of the company as well as the requirements of the job.

We recommended you that you respond to this question with honesty (and intelligence), putting your values in adjustment with the company in particular.

It is important that you avoid to mention in this point aspects as the wage and other material advantages since could harm you facing the interviewer.

We suppose that you work as professor in the University and are making an interview for a position in a private enterprise. An example could be:

“I am happy working as professor and have reached a great experience throughout the years. Nevertheless, I want to prove my competitions and knowledge in the private industry since desire to see the practical application of my knowledge in this area makes specific”.

9. Which are your wage expectations?

It is important that you talk about to an amount that really satisfy you and with that you can live without problems. To mention an amount to only be or or by fear to the rejection is not nothing recommendable.

If you do not have much idea with respect to which you would have to solicit, it is important to have information on the matter to know from where starting off. You do not doubt in asking your surroundings.

Also you can realise a search in Google or Linkedin with respect to similar positions. In addition, portals as Glassdoor exist that allow you to know the wage considered by company.

If they ask to you how much you won in your previous position, you always can slightly increase the amount but without happening to you. 

Really, you do not accept a very low pay to secure the job (unless you do not have alternative). He is much more simple to begin with an acceptable pay since once inside he is more complicated to raise in the wage scale.

10. Why you want to leave your present use?

Another one of famous the ask-trap. The key is here in concentrating itself in the future. It is fundamental that you do not speak bad of your old employers.

It tries to put of relief the great opportunity that would represent this new challenge instead of to focus attention on the difficulties of your old position.

We will not get tired to repeat it: it looks the future at promising of that new position and centers to you in how making fit your present situation in this new position. The example of question 8 can be used here:

“I am happy working as professor and have reached a great experience throughout the years. Nevertheless, I want to prove my competitions and knowledge in the private industry since desire to see the practical application of my knowledge in this area makes specific”.

What has seemed you this post? You think that you can dominate all the keys of the questions in a work interview? If you must other questions that add, we are wishing to read you in the commentaries.

Let your valuation to us to continue creating contained of quality. 

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frequent questions in a work interview

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